Thursday, October 11, 2012

“Pleas'd look forward, pleas'd to look behind, And count each birthday with a grateful mind.” - Alexander Pope

I always feel that I will live until the age 70-75. I believe this is enough and by then I hope I have accomplished all that God has willed for me.  Today is my 35th wedding… oopppss …35th Birthday Anniversary.  So if I live until 70 that means today I begin my 2nd half of my life. Anyway this is not in my control but in God's.

The 1st half of my life has been really very interesting and exciting. I have learned a lot (hopefully I did) through the experiences of life and the knowledge I gained through family and institutions.  If you have been following my blog posts since October 2006, you would also know the difficulties and struggles I went through especially in the year 2007-2008 (Some posts I have altered and removed as a sign that I’ve moved on - Click here to read). It has really been a ‘roller-coaster’ journey of life.  I too had the privilege of traveling to about 17 countries and I hope to do more in the 2nd half of my life. (Click here to read about it.)  

As I look back at the 1st half of my life, I see I have matured in my faith and am still growing in maturity of my relationship with God. I also see that I am not perfect and am need of the Lord’s guidance and love. The Lord is indeed My Shepherd guiding me and at times even carried me on his shoulder as a shepherd carries his favorite or injured lamb. I profess that the Lord has been with me in good times and in bad. The Lord is indeed my God. I praise and thank you Lord. You are my Potter, and I am Your clay.

I hope that in the 2nd half of my life as I begin today, I would put all that I’ve learned into action. I will continue to trust in the Lord who molds me every day of my life. Lord, Your will be done, have Your way in me.  For just as the clay in the hands of the potter, so am I in Your hands (ref Jer18:6 – my life theme).

I am indeed looking forward to this life, not sure how long it’s gonna be, it’s in the hands of the Lord. I believe it’s going to be another beautiful and exciting journey. Today too begins the Year of the Faith. So in faith, I step now into this 2nd half of my life…Amen.