Thursday, October 04, 2012

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature" - Gerard De Nerval.

Lately whenever I am free especially during the weekends and when there is feast of the Lord or Mother Mary, I would make some floral decoration for the chapel that I go to for my daily prayer. I even started making flower garlands. I will pick the flowers known as 'White Angel' near the garden at my place and make a garland or two depending on the amount of flowers I get.

One day my friend noticed that I even pick flowers that are dying and old; that will fall from the plant any moment. He was surprised that I even use them and those flowers that have some defects and do not look perfect. I replied him that I am very sure that even the buds would wish they were fully bloomed so as to be a garland of offering to the Lord, to beautify the Lord and His Mother, Mary.Yes, this is my reflection. Even the flowers that dropped on the ground would wish that they were a day or 2days late, so I can use them to make a beautiful flower garland offering.

As I mix all the flowers and make them into a garland, I bring up all my prayer intentions and those who have asked me to pray for them especially the sick and those in serious need. The old and the deformed flowers remind me of them. They become a beautiful offerings of prayer in the formed of the garland.

Jesus loves EVERYONE especially the poor, the outcasts rejected by their own community. His ministry was a barrier breaking ministry where he tried to include everyone. He had many table fellowship with 'sinners' showing them His love and care and revealing to them the Father's mercy and forgiveness. 

I pray and hope that I will imitate Jesus in His service for all people.

Since today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, I dedicate this post to him and all the Franciscans. Pope John Paul II proclaimed St. Francis of Assisi the patron of ecology in 1979. The pope cited him for being "an example of genuine and deep respect for the integrity of creation..." "St. Francis," he added, "invited all creation--animals, plans, natural forces, even Brother Sun and Sister Moon--to give honor and praise to the Lord."

Mother Earth
by St. Francis of Assisi
Dear mother earth, who day by day
 Unfolds rich blessing on our way,
O praise God! Alleluia!
The fruits and flowers that verdant grow,
Let them his praise abundant show.
O praise God, O praise God,
 Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

'White Angel'