Friday, December 22, 2006

A Blessed Christmas to all of you...

Merry CHRISTmas!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Casino Royale

Wow...yesterday i had a good time. Watch 2 movies in a day at a cinema. DejaVu and Casino Royale. Yeah yeah back dated!I've been so busy, i've missed many good movies.

The movie i enjoyed the most was Casino Royale. I think this is one of the best Bond movies; this is because its the first time i see agent 007 so human....yes he bleeds!!!! He has scene with blood and cuts on his face and body. Now that's a movie and not a cartoon. Yes yes, the other Bond movies has the action and style...but this one has the human aspect.

Not forgetting Eva Green and Caterina Murino who adds spice to the movie...hehehe.

The part that i like most in this movie is in the beginning; the graphics where the part that the cast is introduced (the names of the cast and crew is shown); wow...the graphics are a killer man!!!!

If anyone know how to load it, pls email me. Thank you.

I hope i will be able to watch Eragon soon.

Friday, December 08, 2006


I am back. I am at home now for my holidays until January 10th. Unfortunately, my house don’t have the internet, so I’ll have to use my parish’s one.

Just to trace back on the recent happenings in my life. After the 2nd semester exams, I had to go for my 3days retreat because I was to be installed a lector on Sunday the 3rd by Archbishop Nicholas Chia, Archbishop of Singapore.

This retreat was conducted by my very own Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Albet Arockiasamy. It is a light and relaxing retreat. During these times, I was reflecting on my present identity as a seminarian and the ministry that I will be installed to. Throughout the retreat I was asked to reflect on the affirmations I received about my vocation. Yes I was able to trace back those times when people affirmed me on joining the seminary and also while at the seminary. While doing all this, we who were on retreat were asked to reflect on the affirmations Jesus received while on earth (by his Father during the baptism and transfiguration, the people and especially his disciples).

What I would like to share about is that, I notice that throughout my days in the seminary, the affirmations I received is from the people I meet during pastoral and from the formators, hardly had I received affirmations from my peers. No…I am not having a low self esteem or seeking for affirmation and attention, its just that while reflecting on this aspect, I notice I don’t receive affirmations from my peers as how others mention above will affirm me. I realized that I myself don’t affirm my peers. Now why is that? Is it because ego, jealousy, afraid that by affirming our peers they become superior and we show our weakness or it’s not cool or a culture for us to do so?

Reflecting on this issue, I realized that the affirmations I received has help me in my discernment to the priesthood and helped me persevere in the seminary. I am challenged now to affirm others and not just for the sake of doing it but to be sincere and honest in my affirmations to others.

So you who are reading this; How about doing the same too? I am sure in your life time you have received many affirmations and you know the benefits it has done to you, its time that we too start affirming others especially our peers, it is we who can understand our peers better and vice versa.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


wah so many happenings!! Have been so busy; exams, retreat, installation, taking family members out....bze bze bze.

Hope next week when i am at home for my holidays, i can share my reflections.