Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you smarter than a 4th grader? (part 2)

Last week (Sept 5) i visited the year 4 students in a Catholic school and yesterday I had the opportunity to visit some catholic students in a public school. Unlike the previous experience, yesterday was an eye opener of knowing whats going on outside the catholic 'box'. I met students from the age of 9-12 (30 min each class) and very surprisingly their knowledge on their faith believe is very shallow in comparison with the students in the Catholic school i visited previously. Some of the things that the year 4 from the catholic school discussed with me were not able to be discussed with the students from this public school because they just could not answer even simple questions about their faith. For an example the year 6 (12 year olds) could not name me the 7 Sacraments! In fact they did not know what sacraments are and they were so blur with other simple questions. They showed sign of 'tidak apa' (don't care / couldn't care less) attitude when i tried explaining. Even to attend the 30minutes religious class of once a week was like carrying a big burden. When asked them if they had any questions, it was so immature and not appropriate for their age.

Hmmm its indeed a big challenge here for church leaders. At first i was so disappointed, but reflecting later on this visit, i felt i was wrong to feel that way. I was brought to mind the mission of Jesus on earth. He came especially for the weak, poor, downtrodden, unfortunate, sinner, etc! I'm sure this students fall in such category. They do not have the opportunities! It is also because of 'lifes' circumstances. What will Jesus do? Through this reflection, i was brought low; I was asked to be humble. I am sorry Lord for being arrogant, for having high expectation on others, failing to realise that You never had any expectation on me. Yes Lord, I will go, but only if You lead me! Yes Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity of serving you through them; for Your face is best revealed in these people.