Thursday, September 06, 2007

Introduction to Vespers - Week 2: Thursday.

Introduction to Vespers based on Psalm 71 (72).

I am sure when the Israelite composed and prayed psalm 72, they would have recalled how frequently they were led poorly by past kings and leaders. Through this psalm they asked that the new king be endowed with the qualities of a true leader; that is, he be just and take care of the poor, help the needy, have pity on the weak and rescue those oppressed. I am sure this is a familiar statement, we just heard it a few days ago at Mass. In the Gospel of Luke (4:16-22), we hear of Jesus announcing the same as his mission. And he fulfilled it.

This psalm is a reminder for us to imitate Christ in his mission and we pray for the grace to fulfilled it.

We also pray that our Leaders will 'walk the talk', will 'practice what they preach'.