Thursday, September 06, 2007

Introduction to Lauds - Week 2: Thursday

Introduction to Lauds based on the Hymn (through the year).
There was this boy who was on an 8-foot tree playing, when he saw his dad below he just shouted "Daddy" and jumped down. His dad taken by surprise below, quickly stretch out his hand and caught hold of his son. Still a little shaken the father said, "Son don't do that, its dangerous! Next time warn me first, I might have missed you know!" "But dad, I know you will not let me fall", said the son.

This boy knew that his dad loved him and cared for him. He was aware that no matter what, his dad would not let him fall.

God is just like that my friends. If we walk the lonely road, he will be our constant companion. If we scale the mountain, he will not let our foot slip. If we walk the valley of darkness, he will be our guiding light. If we choose the narrow path, he will form a hedge of protection around us.
This morning hymn reminds us of this; "What need i fear, when thou art near... More safe am i within thy hand...The child of God can fear no ill...Thou art our trust, O King of kings".

The only certainty in life is God. With him, we can walk through the highways and byways of life with confidence and hope.