Sunday, June 03, 2007

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity - UNITY IN DIVERSITY (2007)

Here is a reflection on the Trinity that i would like to share with you all by Br.Joseph Zhang C.D.D, used as introduction to vespers for the solemnity.

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is beyond our full comprehension. Yet we can learn something from it. The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity gives us the example and assurance that we can be one and at the same time distinct. The Most Holy Trinity is one in the divine nature but with three distinct persons. What makes them one is their complete love for each other. Out of complete love, the Father communicates His absolute perfection to the Son. Both together in a mutual act of love, communicate the identical fullness of the same divine nature to Their love-image, the Holy Spirit. Their union comes from Their complete love.

Now I can appreciate our (seminary) vision and mission statement for this year better; "Fidelity to our identity as Teacher, Minister and Leader through a Culture of Truth and Love in the Trinity". If we have the same love as the Father has for the Son and for the Holy Spirit, we can be one, a unity despite of our distinctiveness. Furthermore, it is the distinctiveness that make the unity more beautiful.

The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit not only love among themselves but also express their love for the world by creating the universe especially creating all of us. The Trinitarian God is our source and cause of us all. We bear the image of God, therefore, we should also communicate our love with all the creatures especially to all humanity.

My reflection
The Doctrine of the Trinity remains a mystery, for if the mind can comprehend it, then it no longer becomes a mystery, no longer God!!! Mysterium Tremendum et fascinas!!! Who can comprehend Your works, O Lord. I only ask, "Lord, increase my faith" (Luke 17:5)