Monday, May 28, 2007


Its finally here!!!! The long awaited drink that will bring peace!!!!
Yes....Now when we go out with friends there is finally 'something' to give them when they ask for 'anything' or 'whatever'.
I am sure many of you have the experienced this, when we go out for 'makan' with friends and when we ask them what they want? "....ah anything....whatever" will the reply be.

I remember in my first year in the seminary, we as a class were required to go for pastoral and mission together, it will always be a peaceful one, but the disputes will arise when we want to go makan!!! The driver will ask "k, what you guys want to eat, i'll drive you there??" By now you'll know what the answers will be!!!! hehehehe.

So now....beware...dont just say 'anything' or 'whatever' cos you'll sure get it!!!! hehehe.

Click here for the webpage. Checkout the ad (click at the media) if you have not seen it. Very funny!! Even the background music at the webpage is soooo 'anything'!!! duh....'whatever'