Saturday, June 09, 2007


Was on 3 days break before flying off for my silent retreat. Took the opportunity to meet up with friends and relatives in Singapore. Family is in Malaysia and I am in Singapore so couldn't meet them, but called them though.

It was a great time-off from the usual routine in the seminary, meeting up with friends who haven't met for so long!! Had the opportunity too to spend time with slyboy-my brother. Wah i just love him, discovered that he is full of 'tricks'. He is great in 'manja-in' its another gift i think!! hehehe. Bro I am going to miss you lah!!! Mathi too!!! My family too!!! Haiz!! But do not have to worry, because Jesus has promised me that he will look after them. He has also promised me another thing (read Mark 10:28-30 to find out!!).

I received a lot of well wishes as i make preparations for my retreat. A lot of assurance of prayers and a safe journey. Some of it from people i never expected!! Thanks guys. Be assured of my prayers for you too. A little disappointed, because i didn't hear from those i expected that they will call or sms. Sigh!!! But nevertheless, assuring you of my prayers. Still not too late though, you can still pray for me!!! hehehe.

Take care guys. See you after July 22.