Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Reflecting back on my 2010 Christmas, it seems like the focus has been on family. It started with The Children Christmas party and Inter-Religious Christmas Fellowship at the Catholic Church in Jasin a week before Christmas and ended with Relatives Gathering in-conjuction with an uncle 85th Birthday on Dec 27. But the highlight was my family's 'Christmas Away' at Port Dickson where we spend 3days just among ourselves. Here are some pictures showing you my 2010 Christmas experiences.

Pictures taken at the Portuguese Settlement

At the Children's Christmas Party and Inter-Religious Christmas Fellowship

Family 'Christmas Away' @ Port Dickson

God, our Father,
in the Holy Family of Nazareth
you have given us the true model of a Christian home.
Grant that by following Jesus, Mary and Joseph
in their love for each other and in the example of their family life
we may come to your home of peace and joy...Amen.