Friday, January 01, 2010

BLESSINGS of the New Year

Receiving blessings from Rev. Fr. Cyril M

It has always been a practice in my family to receive blessings from God through the intercession of priests, elders and God-fearing friends. We usually do it on our birthdays, Christmas and New Year. I remember very clearly in my childhood days, after the New Year morning mass, my family will go to my father's godmother's house to ask for blessings from the 'Grand Godma'. We will all kneel including my parents and the 'Grand Godma' will say a short prayer for my family and bless us with the signing of the cross on our forehead. The same is done during Christmas and each individual birthdays when we receive blessings from my parents.

Blessings from an elder

During the 1st day of the year last year (i.e. 1/1/09) I didn't go to the Grand Godma's house for blessings but I knelt in front of my mother and asked for her blessings. My mother said a short prayer then signed the cross on my forehead, raise me up, gave me a hug and whispered in my ear; "2009 will be a good year for you with God's blessings." There were tears in her eyes. She knew clearly what I had gone through the past 2 years (namely 2007-2008). If you want to find out what had happened, please read the pasts articles on my blog for that year.

My mother's words came through; 2009 was indeed a year of blessings for me. I have a job finally after searching for sometime, I have a good team at my work place, had many fun and enjoyable times with them. I had a good overseas holiday and was able to meet my thambi's family. Experience care and concern from genuine friends. Met some strangers who later became good buddies. The list can go on actually but I better don't bore you.

Again, for this year 2010, I pray for God's blessings too. But to fill-in more blessings, I have to empty-out 1st. And what I'm planning to empty out? It is my anger and hurts that I've encountered. Yeah, empty it all out, so I can fill-in God's blessings.

I've yet to receive blessings from my mum (i'll get it next week when I go back home..hehehe) but I know she has already given me. She is a woman of faith, a God-fearing mother who wants the best for her children. Hmmmm for a matter of fact, that's the greatest blessing a child would ever want. Thank you God for giving me Your blessings - my mum.

with my mother

To all my dear family, relatives and friends out there and especially those who detest me, I repeat my mother's blessings for you.."2010 will be a good year for you with God's blessings."

I pray this blessings for you...May the Lord bless you and keep you! May the Lord let His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! May the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace! (Num. 6:24-26)