Saturday, October 25, 2008


I heard this song during mass with the children at Nowra and liked it very much especially the words. When i visited the classes, the year 1 students sang it for me.

Rainbow- by Andrew Chinn.


Red and orange, yellow and green
Blue and indigo and violet and me
Side by side, together we grow
Underneath God's beautiful rainbow

is for your spirit of love

Seven gifts from God above

Orange for the warmth of your Sun
Shining down on everyone

Yellow is the colour of faith
The light of Christ in every day

Green is for the life you give
A call to grow, a way to live

is for the sky and sea

Gifts from God, for you and me

Indigo is in between
A colour of God's gentle peace

Violet calls us all to forgive
Together we grow, together we live

Side by side and hand in hand
Together we grow, together we can.