Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Introduction to Lauds (Wednesday: Easter) - Week 3

Psalm 97 (98) clearly proclaims a Messianic and Eschatological (religious belief connected with the end of the world) message. It leads us to contemplate God's final victory over evil and salvation for all peoples. "The Lord makes known His salvation!" In this early part of the day; the hour of Christ's resurrection, God manifests His power in the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

The scripture reading this morning (Rom 6:8-11), reminds us that Christ who has risen from the dead cannot die anymore. And we are asked to die to our sins and live a life that looks towards God through the saving act of Jesus.

let our lives be a new canticle that proclaims throughout the world God's saving power. God rules with justice; those who walk in His ways will share in the final victory of our God.