Sunday, November 15, 2009

Are you dying to meet someone?

Another Sunday, And I'm so bored in my rented room. Thought of writing on what I have been reflecting lately.

Sometime in September, a friend of mine met his hmmmm what shall I say, his idol?? I think it's better I put it this way, met the person he was eagerly wanting to meet. I know him for about 3 years now, and through our many conversations, I can testify he is a hard-core fan of Gwen Stefani. He not only just met her but gave Gwen a kiss on her cheek. Wow..lucky fellow. And I think this is his second time meeting her face 2 face. The 1st was 12years ago. Happy for you bro, congrats!! Click here to read his post.

Anyway, what I was reflecting about since reading his experience with Gwen is; who I would like to meet? For weeks I've been thinking about this and...hmmm I have no one!!
Yeah I don't have anyone I'm wanting to meet so badly! Yes not even the Pope or the Dalai Lama. Hmmm maybe the Pope, to tell him that a certain Archbishop (whose name with a change in an alphabet can be a malay vulgar word...hehehe) is hypocrite, dirty and self-centered government rewards seeker.

Going back to the issue of not wanting to meet anyone; so am I a proud man cos I'm not eagerly wanting to meet anyone in particular? I kept on searching my heart's desire and its just none! I'm a fan of certain celebrities of course, but...or maybe I'm just being simple and contented with life. Hmmm I don't know!!!

So how about you, yeah you... Are you dying to meet someone? If given the opportunity who do you want to meet?

Now check-out my lucky friend:-