Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Lord's Prayer

In today's Gospel (Luke 11:1-4) we see a disciple of Jesus eagerly asking the Lord to teach them to pray. In the beginning of the text we are told that Jesus was at a certain place praying. Jesus was setting an example for his disciples. Seeing Jesus praying, the disciples wanted to follow him, they wanted to pray too.

As disciples of Jesus, as Christians, do we pray? Are our life an example of prayer? Do people want to pray after seeing us praying in faith? Do our children, siblings, relatives and friends see us praying that they too have been inspired to want to pray?

Jesus has taught us the most simple prayer, just a few words BUT it has so much meaning. We can go on and on talking about this prayer.

Let us now join this 'Great' man of God - the late Pope John Paul II in praying the prayer Jesus taught us - the Lord's prayer. The Pope sings it in Latin - Pater Noster.