Thursday, October 18, 2007

Introduction to Lauds - Feast of St. Luke, Evangelist.

The feast of St. Luke reminds us how blessed we are; that we are truly a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a people set apart.

Why I am linking this to the feast of St. Luke, is because in his gospel, we see the simple, humble, lowly, upright, just, outcast and the anawim of Yahweh are exalted. People like Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Simeon, Anna, the shepherds, the many women, Zachaeus and many more are looked upon by the Lord. The Lord has raised up the lowly.

Thus we are reminded of our own calling. We have come to realize that
though we are unworthy but God in his infinite love have called us and is preparing us for a mission. Just like St. Luke, we are called to proclaim the marvel works of our Lord and to announce news of happiness, of God’s love and forgiveness.

This morning, as we praise the Lord for choosing us, we pray that He will bless us with strength and zeal for His mission.