Friday, March 09, 2007

Introduction to Vespers (Lent: Week 2: Friday).

Introduction to Vespers (Lent: Week 2: Friday) - Scripture Reading (James 5:16,19-20).

This morning we were reflecting on 'sacrifice for others'. Even the readings at Mass spells out the theme of accountability and responsibility others.
This evening the Scripture reading also clearly gives us the same theme - "...My brothers, if one of your number should stray from the truth and another succeed in bringing him back... ." This is an act of a Catholic Priest whose being is not only to offer sacrifices, but to teach and to pastor. This is what Jesus meant when he said about a shepherd who goes in search of the lost. This mission is not only for the ordained priesthood but also for all of us who have a share in the common priesthood through the grace of baptism.

We pray that we may imitate Jesus, the Good Shepherd who came so that ALL may have life, and have it to the fullest.