Monday, January 15, 2007

Memorial Prayer Service for a Child

Today is the 1st death anniversary on my niece, Jasmin Isabel. She was with us for only 4days but have spoken to all of us in many different ways. She reminded us and helped us experience God's love in her short stay with us. We had a beautiful service in church with 3 priest con-celebrating. I had the privilege of conducting the burial service for her at the graveyard.
Below is the prayer I prepared for her memorial service taken from various prayer books. I will like to publish it in my blog so as to share with others who may want to use it.

Memorial Prayer Service for a Child

Welcome dear friends to this prayer service. We are here to remember ...(Name)... . Every time we remember we become conscious of our loss and of our grief. Grief causes a wound, sometimes a very deep wound. Like all wounds it hurts. But this is one wound we need not be ashamed of, for it is caused by LOVE. Christ blessed those who mourn and said they would be comforted. As we recall his words, let us renew our faith in his presence among us.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

May the Father of mercies, the God of all consolation, give us comfort and peace and may the Lord be always with us.

Opening Hymn:-

Opening Prayer
Let us pray.
God our Father, your Son assured us that you notice and are concerned about a single sparrow that falls from the sky. We know that you have seen the fall of our little girl / boy, ...(Name)... . We are confident that she / he has fallen into your hands and that you will take good care of her / him. Support us who grieve for her / him, and comfort us with your loving protection. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Scripture Reading – Matthew 19:13-15

We don’t like to see anyone pluck a tiny flower that has just appeared over the ground. It somehow doesn’t seem fair or right. We feel it ought to be given a chance to grow and bloom.

This is even more true when the ‘flower’ in question is a little human being. Hence we are deeply saddened that little ...(Name)... has been plucked from life so soon. Nevertheless, as believers, we have one great consolation. The hand in which this little flower ends up is the hand of God. Here on earth ...(Name)... died as a bud on the first day of spring. May she /he grow and ripen in the soil of eternity.


i. The 1st .......... mystery, the .......... .
This decade is offered for ...(Name)’s family, especially her parents (and
brothers / sisters), that they feel the healing power of Christ in the midst of their pain and grief.

ii. The 2nd .......... mystery, the .......... .
This decade is offered for all souls, especially those who have none to pray for them.

iii. The 3rd .......... mystery, the .......... .
This decade is offered for all the children and young people of the world. That we may never be a stumbling block to them, but rather that we may open the doors of life to them.

iv. The 4th .......... mystery, the .......... .
This decade is offered for all of us here present. That we may always be conscious of our great dignity as children of God, and strive to live lives that are worthy of that dignity.

v. The 5th .......... mystery, the .......... .
Through this decade we pray that everywhere and in all circumstances human life may be respected.

Hail Holy Queen.


Let us not be afraid. Let us stop being anxious, for God, our Redeemer and Saviour, is with us. He will help us. Let us pray to him with the trust of a child.

Response:- Lord, hear us in your love.

1. That we may let go of ...(Name)... with confidence, knowing that she / he is in the hands of the heavenly Father. We pray in faith.

2. Small though she / he was, there was in her / him a divine spark which death cannot extinguish. May she / he who now see the face of God in heaven, intercede for us. We pray in faith.

3. For all who grieve because ...(Name)... was plucked from life so soon: that they may find comfort in the faith that they will see her / him again when we shall all meet in Christ’s everlasting kingdom. We pray in faith.

4. For doctors, nurses and all who care for life at its weakest moments. We pray in faith.

5. For all of us here present: that we may remember at all times, but especially at times of trouble and anxiety, that we are precious to God and that he will take care of us. We pray in faith.

Let us pray.
Father, in Christ you have shown us how much you love the little ones. Write ...(Name)’s name on the palm of your hand and give her / him the freedom of your kingdom. And those weighed down by grief at the loss of this little child may find reassurance in your infinite goodness. We ask this through Christ the Lord.

Invocation of God’s blessings
May the love of God and the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ bless and console us and gently wipe every tear from our eyes: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Closing Hymn:-