Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Casino Royale

Wow...yesterday i had a good time. Watch 2 movies in a day at a cinema. DejaVu and Casino Royale. Yeah yeah back dated!I've been so busy, i've missed many good movies.

The movie i enjoyed the most was Casino Royale. I think this is one of the best Bond movies; this is because its the first time i see agent 007 so human....yes he bleeds!!!! He has scene with blood and cuts on his face and body. Now that's a movie and not a cartoon. Yes yes, the other Bond movies has the action and style...but this one has the human aspect.

Not forgetting Eva Green and Caterina Murino who adds spice to the movie...hehehe.

The part that i like most in this movie is in the beginning; the graphics where the part that the cast is introduced (the names of the cast and crew is shown); wow...the graphics are a killer man!!!!

If anyone know how to load it, pls email me. Thank you.

I hope i will be able to watch Eragon soon.